In this blog you can find a lot of information for your personal development – which is, of course, opening the gates to the new possibilities that this text can offer to your life perspective. It  is not like there are written some essential and so important information, but there are clearly defined principles that if you overcome through your life, you will gain new opportunities in your very own life to fulfill yourself with happiness and desire.

Good & Evil – Light & Darkness

The principle of light and darkness has always been dealt with by great philosophers. That is because the basic principle of life is duality itself – that is, the division of one whole into its parts with various expressions, which create mutual interferences....

Development of consciousness as a life’s nature

Many are concerned with finding the meaning of life, its very essence, which they consider to be the most important thing they can devote to during their lives. It is one of the ways that leads a person to look for something we have overlooked in life, something we...

About “Karma”

Let us imagine that our consciousness travels smoothly through the individual points that make up the whole world. Consciousness travels and recognizes the world through these individual points that make up the “life journey of knowledge.” It is possible...

Life context and coincidence

Coincidence, or the interplay of certain events, is a very normal part of our daily lives in our life stories, because the interplay of all aspects forms life in its complexity. It is not possible to divide life into many separate sectors that do not have any common...

About the Food

We can have long conversations about eating, because everyone looks at eating from a different perspective based on their own experience and their own development of consciousness, which affects how the diet is absorbed in our body, whether it strengthens or weakens,...

Our life responsibility

The really interesting topic of RESPONSIBILITY is a very unpleasant topic for us, whether it is just our responsibility that people attribute to us in our work, or whether it is a responsibility for our thoughts, or in general, for our own lives, or life as a whole....

Running and cold ironing

It is said that crazy ideas move us the farthest in our lives, right? 🙂 This will be probably one of these cases… One day, togather with our club (Dragon Club Karviná) we went togather for a run outside along the Olza River, a distance of 5.6 kilometers, which...

11-days spent by fasting

Hello dear readers❗️ As you know, I’m a big fan of many different things, especially something new and unconventional and lets say “alternative” (unless it’s about trying new dishes – such as caterpillars and so on,...

Reading from India – palm leaves libraries

Our destiny – this is a topic that is the subject of great debate, involving our own perceptions of our own lives and the possibilities that our perceptions give us to understand what the life really is and what is the meaning of all that is. Of course, there...

A message from master Itaniel I.

But now comes a time that will change all of humanity, the whole world, based only on your personal decisions. Have the courage to take responsibility for yourself, because in the universe, handing over your very own responsibility to someone other than you personally...

Message of Master Toruka

Greetings to you all! I am honored to speak to you right now. My name is Master Toruka and I am connected with you through the energetic essences of your Higher Consciousness. Each of you knows me, each of you knows everyone else and everyone knows you. There is no...

The dark angel’s message about the harmony

I am Imonur. I am the one who brace your hatred if you are not truly present to your activities here on Earth during your life journeys. My job here is to experience you driven by greed and selfishness. I am here to check your loyalty to yourself and to the whole...

Message of master Etiops

This paragraph is the most important part of Master Etiops’ book. “You who walk here on Earth, hear my words. You walk here to discover life as it really is without being influenced by anyone else. You are the creator and discoverer of your own truth. You...

A message from Jesus Christ

One of my most recent posts that I’ve written in meditation – it is said that one can connect with anything through empathy (synchronization, connection), and retrieve certain information for one’s own development, for one’s own experience. In...

Neuro Manro – Energy implants

Hi, welcome all of you – I’m Neuro Manro – a Starfleet doctor under the command of Ashtar Sheran fleet – I’ve been following you all for generations. You are my subjects in opening up new skills at the energy level. I am the one who...

Our own “Decalogue”

The one who stands on the side of Light, he will be ready to sacrifice everything in the fight against the darkness. Because only accepting this way of life people can really prove that they are able to set things in a motion. The one who is open to everything that is...

Divine Providence

What is accepted in all planes of being, that is, in its essence, then such a thing is easily applicable in all aspects of God’s providence. Understand God’s providence as the perception of life in all senses, in all aspects, and therefore there is no...

Master Confucio is comming back

The eleventh year, which in today’s process proves to be a year of fertility and healing of the soul, remember this time, it is the last period before the great leap into the higher energies that are now available. Believe it or not, you will experience many...

Development of consciousness (I´m preparing this section for you)

One of the most important principles in our lives is the development of consciousness – because the more development we undergo in our lives, the more experiences and opportunities we can experience and apply in our own real life, which we are living right now.

What is consciousness
Characteristics of development
Development of consciousness
Personality cultivation
3 keys to be Yourself
Possibilities of human consciousness

The essence of the life (I´m preparing this section for you)

We can find many philosophical writings about the essence of life, whether they are writings of mystics, yogis, religions such as Christianity, Egyptian mythology, etc., which tried to explain to people what the life really is, what is it about, how everything came to be like they are right now and why they are here. Everyone can take a little bit of information from each of these directions that contributes to a person’s development, but you can also explore and experience life with your own life experience, because the experience is the only variable that actively and directly changes the level of our consciousness.

Energy system of human
Faith & Religion
Reality & Quantum Physics
Information and their possibilities
Energy systems of healing
Karma as a basic level of consciousness

The essence of cultivation (I´m preparing this section for you)                         

Cultivation is also known as a development, but now in these articles let’s take a look at what basic, ie essential, types of cultivation you experience through your life, regardless of whether you do it actively or passively – consciously or unconsciously – because it is everyone’s free choice and everyone has the right to cultivate themselves in the direction they want.

Body cultivation

Mind cultivation

Emotions cultivation
Consciousness cultivation
Life cultivation
Life Harmony cultivation

The essence of consciousness (I´m preparing this section for you)

Human consciousness is one of the greatest mysteries that people have been trying to understand since they began to think about who they are. Oh what a question! The one who thinks about himself begins to discover consciousness – for it is the attention that we pay to understanding that is called awareness. Consciousness is in its essence YOU in all your forms, but that consciousness – you – has many levels that work together in a synchronous setting creating your whole life and the possibilities that you can use and experience them through your life path.

About the origin of life
Levels of consciousness
Possibilities of consciousness
Life lessons – Seals of consciousness
Reincarnation system and a time
Dimensions – Levels of life itself

Interesting websites and other articles (I´m preparing this section for you)           

Not only on the Internet there is a lot of interesting information that can give you the necessary impulses to think about, but there are also important “off-line” resources that can help you with its knowledge and wisdom. The greatest “treasuries” are teachers – Masters, who provide the person with advice that can ascend him a little “further” on his life path of knowledge of the life as a whole. Here are some interesting portals, websites and articles online where you can find the most valuable pearls that hide under the sea surface.

Buddhism (in process of writting)
LAO’C & Taoism  (in process of writting)
Bruce Lee
Nassim Haramein
Celestine vision
Heal Summit
And others are going to be here…

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