Through individual life situations and individual life exams, I have received, I would say, a lot of experience and knowledge that I have personally managed to apply to my own life, and I am also able to pass this knowledge to those who are interested in form of: collective trainings, workshops, or through individual consultation and development.


Coach activities for you:

Kung Fu Lessons

I regularly coach Kung Fu lessons at Dragon Club Karviná in which
I have been trained since my childhood to continue the tradition and pass on my experience during my journey to all who are interested in their own development.

Individual Development

I provide individual consultations, coaching and activities to achieve harmony in life through stimulation individual aspects of life that lead to the discovery of the root cause of this state of affairs, which is being worked on in order to achieve total harmony.

Blog & E-books

I provide interesting articles on the web aimed at the overall development of consciousness, whether it is a form of physical, emotional, or spiritual stimulation, everyone can find interesting information that can help them to move on in their lives a little further.

for the overall development of consciousness

I attribute the basic development to “PHYSICAL TRAINING”, which is an active stimulant of body, mind and emotions in one complex package of activities.

The second key aspect is undoubtedly the “CONCENTRATION”. The training of concentration makes it easier for us to do any work, whether it is everyday activity, project creation, physical training, cultivation of consciousness, meditation, …

The third key aspect is “PERCEPTION”,  which opens up new opportunities in our lives. Perception is the basis of experiencing, and to be happy – it is quite appropriate to develop it.

In my coach activities there is also place for individual work with everyone who is interested in development and is in harmony with my life path. In addition to teaching lessons, I deal with the initiation and activation of potential by activating the body through acupressure points, energetic harmonization, and conversation to realize what client actually wants to achieve in his life.

Body activation
Massage, stimulation with “acupressure”

Energetic harmonization
Harmonizing of “energetic matrix”

Workshops & events & holidays


Only in the czech language for now.


Only in the czech language for now.

Development stays

Only in the czech language for now.

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