“Let’s make our lives the way we really want to live and inspire others this way of life.”

Life can be viewed from many angles of our view. It is said that when we accept all these points of view of life, then we can ultimately see the whole as it really is, not what it seems to be when we see it from only our point of view. I work in the field of meditation and searching for information from within, because that is where everything we need to know is stored. Using this unique philosophy and the way of knowledge of life that I’ve started writing texts that some would call holy, some heretical, some motivational, some crazy. All these perspectives have something to do with these texts, because from every point of view there is always a piece of information that gives such an impression.

Here I offer you some basic perspectives on life itself, which I read from my deeper consciousness connection, that is our Well of Knowledge inside of us. If we obtain the necessary “keys” during our life journey. These are the “keys” to the gates of higher Knowledge – maybe you can use what I have read from my source of knowledge for your better understanding to the nature of Life.

Master Etiops

Master Toruka

Master Itaniel I.

Master Etiops & “Basics of Self-Understanding”

“I would like to start by saying that although this is a topic that can help you get to know yourself,
there are many aspects to overcome on your journey of knowledge.
One of them is your own mind and created thought patterns that limit your skills from birth.
In this book, you will learn how to work on finding yourself by releasing all the blocks and
how to strengthen and continue to work with your own energy.”

Master Etiops

Master Etiops e-book

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Master Toruka & “Wisdom for everyday life”

“Greetings to you all.
It is an honor to speak to you now, my name is Master Toruka and I am connected to you through
the nature of your Higher Self. Each of you knows me. Each of you knows everyone
and everyone knows you. There is no difference between us, everything is connected with God – unity,
which is very important in our lives. If you find unity, you will also find yourself
the way you really are. And that is the most important act. Discover who you are!”

Master Toruka

Master Toruka e-book

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Master Itaniel I. & “Change as a priority aspect of life”

“Let the light in you be a beacon,
that will show you the right path,
that you wish to experience,
to succeed in your lives with
what you always wanted to do.”

Master Itaniel I.

Master Itaniel I. e-book

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