“If I told you that any philosophical system limits your consciousness, would you read this page?… :))

There is noone who is without his very own philosophy of life, whether he is aware of it or not. This philosophy of life guides everyone in his own direction, through which he collects individual personal experiences and thus gains a wider insight into what the Life is. Some people are imprisoned by their philosophy of life, and some people are liberated by their philosophy of life. One of the key moments was when I realized that no life philosophy is complete, because if we delve into one life view, everything beyond this “limiting” view that we have accepted as real, will begin to dissapear.

I would say that in the beginning, the “best” life philosophy is to adopt a few basic life aspects applicable in everyday life which are written on this page, because I myself consider them the most valuable that can open many life “gates”.

– There is no Good & Evil

– You are responsible for everything that occurs in your life.

– Life is all about developing consciousness through active experiencing.

– Nothing is a coincidence.

There is no Good & Evil

Throughout our lives, we are constantly confronted by distinguishing between individual life processes and situations, whether they are positive or negative. But now imagine what it would be like to get rid of these limiting distinctions and just perceive everything as it really is, from the perspective of “good” and “evil” as a whole.

Each situation always has two sides of the coin, which together form a whole called life. A coin with only one side is devoid of any utility value, be it the side of the pros or the negative, but if the coin is truly integral, including both sides, then it is of real benefit to man.

You are responsible for everything that occurs in your life

We all know those moments of life very well “What the hell…” “f**k” “Oh nooo!” … Everyone will find such notes that we like to use whenever we are surprised by something during our life journey. We all use them when we do not want to admit that this is really happening to us. People like to swear and blame themselves for life (could be: God, other people, devils, gods, …) that they caused them that unexpected situation, even though they are so perfect that they do not deserve to experience these situations, right? 🙂 However, all life situations must always be viewed from two points of view:

– Observer’s view
– Participant’s view

Life is all about developing consciousness through active experiencing

Many people seek the meaning of life. Those “lucky” people can read many ancient and secret texts, while “ordinary” people can read many unfiltered articles on the Internet, and those “unhappy” seek the meaning of life with their gurus, masters, shamans and cultural stories.

What if I suggested to you to seek the meaning of life through your very own experience of life itself and the continuous improvement of yourself in your own desired way?

Wouldn’t that be enough “sense of life” to make you happy and inspire you to development?

More about nature of life in a larger article here.

Nothing is a coincidence

Coincidence … A topic that so many people are dedicated to and yet they cannot find an answer to it. As soon as scientists are within reach, the answer will run away from them once again, that’s a wonderful paradox! 🙂

Of course, there are “coincidences”, but surely they are not random, because human himself draws this coincidence into his life on the basis of synchronous setup with the life itself. It is not that coincidences do not exist, but it is necessary to look at this issue from the perspective of an observer who observes the experience and conditions that lead to this “chance” of man. It is always necessary that the external conditions are in harmony with the internal ones, and then the coincidences, miracles, can happen every day.

Basic views on life according to the Wisdom of the Masters

I consider the Master to be the one who has completely mastered life and thus has the opportunity to pass on to others the knowledge and experience so that even the “student” can master both individual aspects of life or life as a whole. Of course, there is no master here, for it is only about the perception of the person, but I myself respect them by these names, for I am only on my way to my own mastery.

Here are the basic philosophical publications in the form of e-books mediated in meditation by the Masters,
to whom I am grateful for what they have given me in my life and that they have opened my eyes to see the life as a whole.

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